Is Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Me?

Have you been thinking about trying that "cleansing conditioner" everyone is talking about?  I'm sure you have.  It's a strange concept, though, right?  No shampooing?  And my hair will be clean?  Well, I was the number one skeptic.  I don't buy into the hype all product lines have with their promises.  Really.  I also always make sure I try the products we get in before I'll sell them to my clients.  So, when we got Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner, I thought , great!  Now I can try this without ordering online and signing up for automatic monthly shipments.  I sat down with all the literature and the products and read all I could.  Sounded interesting.  It comes in four different formulas.  Fine hair, Medium hair, Course hair and Curly hair.  I had my hair "shampooed" with the Medium formula.  Very little lather, but I was used to that after using Morrocan Oil shampoo for so long.  Smelled good, too.  I think we may have used too much just trying to get the same feeling as shampoo, but you won't so just use the 3-5 pumps as suggested on the bottle.  Wash twice if you feel you need it.  It also suggests leaving it in for 5 minutes for the best results.  My opinion?  My hair felt very clean like after I've shampooed it and it blew out beautifully.  I don't use conditioner in my hair very often because I've always felt it made my hair lay flat.  I'm a child of the 80's.  Big Hair?  Yes, Please.  This product did not make my hair lay flat.  It didn't even feel like I had condioner in it like so many conditioners do.  The true test?  The next morning could I get away with not washing my hair?  Absolutely.  Still looked and felt great.  I like to only wash my hair about twice a week.  I can definitely do that with Matrix Biolage Conditioning  Cleanser. So will I recommend this to my clients?  Yes, I will.